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Nowstalgia Alert

If History Has Taught Us Anything, the Check Pattern Is Here to Stay

29 refreshing ways to channel the checkerboard in your own space

Clever's Seat Week

Everything You Need to Know About Authenticating Vintage Furniture

Buyer beware of the replicas scam!

Clever's Seat Week

9 Secrets for Finding the Best Craigslist Furniture

In case you forgot, the founder of @ilovecraigslist reminds us that the platform is still a valuable resource for secondhand furniture shopping

Clever's Seat Week

The Future of Fashion Is Wearing Iconic Chairs From the Past

Looking into all the hype around fashion and furniture collabs

Clever's Seat Week

These Art Chairs Are a Celebration of Nigerian Culture

Tosin Oshinowo uses traditional fabrics to create stylish and functional furniture

Life Goals

This Designer Is Making Space for More Women in Architecture

Hanna Ali, a painter turned designer for Kanye West and Diplo, is building community through the account @Hoechitecture

We're Obsessed

Your Next Decor Purchase Might Be Coming From a 3D Printer  

Sean Kim’s Wooj is the anti-establishment brand automating... candles?

Why This Firm Is Building Villages of Tiny Homes for the Unhoused in Los Angeles

Lehrer Architects is responding to the U.S. housing crisis with Monopoly-esque structures

Real Talk

What I’ve Learned From Buying an Airbnb

Was I ready to become a landlord?

It’s a Thing

Unweaving the Whitewashed Legacy of the Cross-Stitch

 Meet the women replacing outdated Colonial imagery

It's a Thing

This Polymer Clay Artist Wants to Cover Your Walls With Desserts

Anamaria Morris is serving some delicious decor

New News

This Reebok x Eames Collab Is the Ultimate Flex

The sneaker drop of a lifetime

We're Obsessed

Welcome to the Era of Wonderfully Weird Candles

Waxing poetic with the next generation of candlemakers

Virtual Reality

Here’s Where to Find the Best Interior Design Content on TikTok

There’s more to the app than dance videos and cute animals

Virtual Reality

11 of the Best Design Meme Pages Worth Running Up Your Screen Time

 Meet me at the intersection of architecture and technology, and let’s get scrolling

It's a Thing

Phil Panza Is Making Fun Home Decor With a Streetwear Twist

Graphic-driven rugs and the fuzziest Yankees cap you’ve ever seen

The More You Know

Here’s Why I’ll Never Go Back to Apartment Living

Renting a house has been a life changer


Treat Yourself on Your Next Upstate Getaway 

Eleven years in the making, The Spa is so worth the six hour drive to the Finger Lakes

The More You Know

Everything You Need to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

More space, fewer problems